Dinner Last Night: Pesto Chicken Florentine


I don’t know about y’all, but this week seemed to drag in my opinion. I’ve been desperately waiting for today. I just haven’t had the patience to deal with people or work or boredom for 8 hours straight. I was thisclose to totally copping out and skipping making dinner altogether. Money has been stressing me out (so I didn’t really wanna buy groceries, the prices really rack up depending on my ingredients) and I have just been sick of it all. But when I want to make a cheap, quick dinner, I’ve realized pasta is the way to go.

I discovered the recipe for Pesto Chicken Florentine through the AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner iPhone app. It’s been really helpful. There are a few shortcuts here, but it made for a delicious meal. I bought fresh garlic bread from the bakery at the store, a great compliment. And you can never go wrong with a salad chock full of cherry tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, sunflower seeds, and more.
My mom and I blasted the Frank Sinatra Pandora station and I drank our favorite cheap red wine, Riunite Lambrusco.

Totally worth it. The meal cost less than 15 dollars and everything was done in about 30 minutes.


I’m so glad Friday has arrived. Not so happy that I have to spend a good portion of tomorrow mandatorily volunteering for work.
I know, I’m forced to volunteer. That doesn’t make much sense, eh?
But otherwise, I don’t have to wake up super early either Saturday or Sunday, I get to spend time with my boyfriend, and I’m looking forward to a much needed girls night. No clue what I’ll really be getting into, but that’s the fun of it all!

Have a great weekend!

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