Etsy Lust List

Here’s this month’s list of wonderful Etsy things I wish I owned.


This Bunting Flag necklace from Rare Indeed is super cute. I’d love these adorable flags hanging from the ceiling, so it’d be like a party around my neck! This entire shop is chockfull of super cute, unique, handmade items. I’d be happy with anything.


This coffee cup ornament has the molecules for caffeine on it, which is cute already. But add the little pocket for gift cards and messages and I’m in love! What. No Mints? is filled with hand-sewn geekery. I think this would be such a sweet gift for anyone!


When I was in college, I was attracted to crazy beaded necklaces, obnoxiously large hoop earrings, and chunky plastic rings. I’m not knocking that jewelry, and I still love a good kitschy piece (hello, Hello Kitty ring!), but I’ve become a bit more simplistic.
This Little Bird Ring from Proteales is so delicate and precious.


I have nearly every item on Flapperdoodle saved on my favorites, but I narrowed my blog choice to these adorably sweet pendants.
Eloise and Ernest Play Telephone makes me super happy. I love that the she’s chatting and he’s just listening. I don’t know what I would do with these, but they are just so sweet and lovely and adorable…like everything else in the shop.

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