July Photo a Day Challenge Completed

It’s the first day of August…blowin’ my mind! I can’t believe we are on month 8 of 2012, and that summer will eventually be winding down. Sad thoughts I’m not prepared to contemplate yet.

But, with a new month brings the conclusion of another Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day challenge!


Here’s my month via photos!


1. A self-portrait of me in my aunt’s bathroom mirror. The less hair around my face, the better.
2. Acting busy blogging and such.
3. The best part of the day is when I get out of work and I can put my feet up!
4. Chilling in a 3-foot-deep pool with my favorite people is an understatement of fun.
5. Laundry on the floor.
6. Brad’s big, comfy computer chair.
7. Brad’s parents keep a lovely garden.
8. Grilled chicken and broccoli and shells for lunch.
9. Big empty IMAX theater for The Amazing Spider-Man.
10. I don’t have just one favorite color, but here are a few.
11. A postcard letter from my friend Jenna in California.
12. Salty, grainy texture on the shuffleboard table at a dive bar.
13. Cheap, white shoes that I’m completely open to decorating and changing.
14. This building holds Canteen 900, one of my favorite spots ever.
15. Brad’s fingers as we wait for our friends at brunch.
16. A cute, hand-painted sign at the Hometown Auction.
17. The show Misfits is a massive addiction of mine. If you haven’t watched it, DO IT. SRSLY.
18. Cherries left on my breakfast plate.
19. Honorary pet Artie being his dang cute self.
20. Ellie’s cute puppy eyes.
21. 9 o clock on my way “home” to Kingston, my man, and my friends.
22. Upside down shot of my favorite new maxi skirt.
23. My sweat reflection post-gym in the mirror.
24. This is a photo I took of a stranger back in 2010, the beginning of my Instagram relationship.
25. The heart on my cute “Love Bites” Me & Zena ring.
26. Sunshine on a cute house.
27. On the road to Brad’s after work.
28. Ice cold water in a cup.
29. Along with a couple of mugs, a new book and a Bridal Shower card were the last things I bought.
30. Super calm with my feet in the water.
31. Give me a toothbrush and I will destroy it.

I can’t wait to go for this month’s Photo a Day!


And…side note (but super important!)
Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mommy!!!!
I love you.


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  1. Hey, would it be possible to get you to send me the picture of "the stranger"? I like it and I was thinking it might get my creative juices flowing.