Impending seasons…

Though the season doesn’t officially end for a few weeks (still crazy, where did it all go?), recent temperature changes have brought to my attention the impending presence of Fall. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy fall. But summer has been a good time for me. I don’t know how I feel about a new season coming, the end of the year rounding the corner.


I thought out some of my Pros and Cons. I’ll focus on my Cons first, so I can leave this post on a happy note.


  • The weather’s going to start getting cold.
  • Gray sunless days.
  • The beginning of leafless trees and dead land.
  • Winter will be coming shortly after.
  • I don’t have a nice fall jacket yet).
  • No more shorts and sundresses.
  • No more swimming in pools.
  • I didn’t get to swim in the ocean this summer.
  • The weather goes up and down so it’s hard to know what you’ll be comfortable wearing.


  • Cooler weather = no sweating, cuddling, relaxing, indoors movie watching and wine drinking without making excuses.
  • I can buy a cute new fall jacket.
  • Fall foliage is stunning. And perfect for picture taking.
  • Colorful tights and leggings.
  • Flannel.
  • Flats and boots, shoes I haven’t touched in months.
  • Chunky cardigans.
  • Less humidity so I have better hair days.
  • Hopefully celebrating Halloween.
  • Pumpkin patches.
  • Holiday season will be coming quickly.
  • Wine country in October? Okay!

Okay, so fall is pretty fantastic. I’ll be sad to summer go, but there are plenty of good things to look forward to. Winter, that might take me a little more persuasion…

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