Oh my gosh, I never thought I could love an electronic device so much.

I’ve always been a PC. And I don’t see myself unloading a grand for a Mac laptop. But, making the transition to an iPhone (the super controversial/talked-about iPhone 4 to be exact) was a great decision.

At first I wasn’t sure. A lot of people have talked smack (Antennagate, shattered phones), but my sister’s boyfriend has one and loves it so I figure as long as I keep it safe (and I haven’t had a dropped call yet, something that used to happen several times a day with my previous phone), I should be okay.

Anyways, my main goal with this phone is putting the FUN in functionality (haha). My personal favorite app is Hipstamatic. Considering I love analog photography, this was the perfect choice. Had some fun with it today…can’t wait to have more!!!

iPhone 009 iPhone 016 iPhone 017 iPhone 019

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