I am aware this isn’t the greatest picture, but I got bangs last night. Still getting used to them. But I’ve been wanting to for a while, and it’s a great way to change up your hair without lobbing all of it off.

Unfortunately, I also got a cold in the process of all this. You should see my bag…it’s like a pharmacy. Currently rocking:

  1. Rite Aid’s answer to Cold-Eeze
  2. Halls Breezers cough drops
  3. Mucinex
  4. Saline Nose Spray (I always have that stuff in there, though, especially since the surgery…)
  5. A little bag of multivitamins

Mind you, I don’t have much else in my bag. So, it’s a pretty depressing sight.

But all I care about is kicking this thing in the ass. I’m hoping to be able to breathe through my nose again by Saturday.

If you have a cold, too, just know I’m on your side. (Oh, and I highly recommend anything loaded with Zinc, such as the Cold-Eeze.)

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