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It’s not hard to find new, wonderful, interesting, fantastic blogs to read and bookmark for daily upkeep, but thanks to this blog (also a good one, you must check out the amazing photos from Africa), I have found one of my tops.


Kendi Everyday is a style blog. Kendi shares her daily outfit choices and has done more than one 30 for 30 challenges (remixing and re-wearing 30 items in her closet for 30 days = genius/money-saving/seemingly difficult and fun). Yes, her style is amazing (and the items she showcases are usually affordable and find-able) and the pictures are fantastic. But I think what really gets to me is her sense of humor.

Do not get me wrong…I love style blogs. They’re pretty much my favorite kind. BUT…it’s really nice and refreshing to actually want to READ one, not just look at the pictures. Kendi is hysterical…I’ve laughed out loud (LOLed) so many times. And it’s one of the few blogs where, once I keep clicking, I can’t stop. On the way back from NYC, while everyone else was dozing off on the bus, I just kept reading her blog and giggling to myself.

I am a sucker for wit and humor and self-deprecation. Mix that in with pretty pictures and pretty clothes and I am sold. I am just bummed I didn’t find this site sooner. Check it out, if you haven’t already (though I’m probably one of the few not in the know).

(Obviously, the pictures above are from her blog).

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