Wow, what an unexpected year. 2009, I’ll be honest, was nothing to write home about. I was struggling with leaving college and friends and moving back home and not knowing what to do with my life and not having a full-time job and other lonely sucky things. All led to a complete turn of events…


Some highlights of the year:

  • Multiple trips and visits to Philly for Maria and Rafter and concerts and car shows
  • Meeting Artie the long-haired chihuahua and having him pretty much unofficially join the family
  • Reuniting with Brad, first as friends, and eventually as a couple
  • My first ever paid vacation!
  • Purchasing 4 cameras (see here, here, and here) …including my first ever DSLR…and furthering my passion for photography
  • One of the best summers of my life

It’s hard to condense 12 months into a single bulleted post. Maybe I didn’t do a lot of super significant things…but I have so many pictures that document all of the fantastic things I got to experience this year.

A lot changed from 2009 to 2010…in the best of ways. I’m a little worn out and ready for some more change, though. And I’m hoping that 2011 brings great things with it. I’m hoping the same for you, too! Enjoy your New Year’s…have fun, be safe…and get ready for a clean slate.

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