American Apparel

I got not one but two American Apparel gift cards for Christmas this year. I never woulda thought it, but Dana and Rafter remembered my obsession with their stuff. I love that my friends know me…

Shopping there is tough. I have a couple things already, and most of them are mainstays. My acid-wash V neck is sprouting tiny holes from excessive wear and you can’t go wrong with a cozy, long black cardigan. But I also have a pair of hot shorts I’ve worn 3 times, and a pair of loud magenta leggings worthy of 80s Aerobics workouts. Yes, I love these things, but they aren’t exactly practical. Then again…I’m not really practical.

Also, factor in that the quality isn’t always the best, so it’s hard to settle in for the slightly annoying big prices and decide what’s really worth the amount. I’m going to wait until I’m in store…but here are some things I’m eyeing up at the moment…


A Satin Charmeuse Night Jacket. I’ve been eyeing this up for a while now…not sure what color I’d want, but it’s so badass.


Can’t complain about another acid-wash deep V-neck.



Chambray Jumper Pants or a Chambray jumpsuit. I’ve been itching for a pantsuit/jumpsuit for a bit now, and I tried this on at the store/liked it. The pants are a nice change from a simple skinny pair of jeans. A little classy and different.


Shiny High Waisted leggings in Matte Black. I love the look of a leather legging, and these are comfortable, reasonably priced, and classic.


Shiny Stirrup Tights. I already have them in Sangria and they’ve held up, two years later. I don’t know what color I’d even get…they are all so good.

So many choices…I may have to wait until I journey over to Philly and actually peruse the store/try things on for myself.

Regardless, I’m very thankful for my thoughtful friends and some extra clothing cash.

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