Yes, one of my best friends is a boy. And I miss him so much. Rafter is currently recovering from some surgery. He lives in New Jersey. And I desperately wish I was there watching cheesy movies and laughing forever with him…

IMG_1452IMG_3662 {This is him and our friend, Mark, who I also miss!!!}

Damn this crazy life and schedule. I’d honestly road trip right away if I could. For some reason, as I was posting these pictures, this song popped into my head. I am only 23 years old but I’ve never felt so old and boring. I hate that. I was a fun person!

But luckily, whenever I’m with someone like Rafter…I feel like a 23 year old again. And that makes me happy…

(Even though it isn’t as often as it should be or as often as I’d like…damn, I need to change some things in my life.)

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