My Sunday via Hipstamatic

I decided to document the activities of this Sunday, December 19th, via the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. Ok, I didn’t really do anything special. But here it is…

102103 104 105 106107108  109110

  1. My first plate of food at lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet.
  2. Ice cream dessert.
  3. Fortune cookie.
  4. Brad driving us to the movie theaters. It’s a 20 minute trek from his house to Cinemark, and even longer when I come from home. I (half)jokingly threatened to play Paramore on the way there, but he seemed pained. And then they ended up playing on the radio anyway. It was amazing.
  5. Cinemark. Even though it takes a little while to get there and we both have theaters so close, this is pretty much the only place that gets the smaller movies (even if they are bigger in their small-ness).
  6. Brad’s feet as we stood in Cinemark.
  7. Two tickets to Black Swan. (More to say on that later…)
  8. We were surprised to see a sunset when we came out. Both of us expected to see pitch black skies.
  9. Dinner = our favorite chicken nachos at one of the restaurants in the casino. They are to die for and I am craving them still…

OK…so I apparently ate…a lot. My goal was to use the “Shake to Randomize” option and stick with whatever the first picture gave me. And I did. Which meant more black and white then I would like (I didn’t want any…but oh well). It was a nice Sunday, given the nature of the rest of the weekend. Not saying it was bad, but I had a bit of bad luck on Saturday, and I was still getting over my cold. But that day ended with my work’s Christmas party so: an open bar, delicious (free) dinner, and dancing.

All’s well that end’s well.

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