I have nothing to show for this weekend. Just a hors d'oeuvres, Half-Baked ice cream, How I Met Your Mother-induced hangover.

Saw this on one of my favorite blogs. Since I enjoy answering questions…even if you don’t like reading the answers…I figured I’d do this. I have nothing else to say anyways…

"It’s Sunday, and raining very hard here in New York. We suggest spending the day reading the latest issue of Lula, guest-edited by Rodarte’s Kate and Laura Mulleavy. If can’t get to the newsstand just now, at least take this questionnaire, dreamed up by the sisters years ago when Kate’s best friend Autumn “started dating a new new guy that I thought we should know more about.” In Lula, everyone from Cindy Sherman to Jason Schwartzman succumbed." - Fashionista.

Favorite play?
I unfortunately haven’t seen many plays. Actually…that’s a lie. I used to go to pretty much every play that the King’s Players put on. And I liked a bunch. But I couldn’t tell you the names if you forced me at gunpoint.

What was your first love?
Probably a book. The first thing I ever got super passionate about in life was writing. Always carrying a notebook, a pen, and whatever book I was reading at the time. I was in elementary school and I was obsessed. It slowly died…but I want to write more and I definitely wish I read more novels.

Favorite language?
You have to go with French. Pretty much every language is beautiful in it’s own way. I’d say Italian is pretty close. But how can you deny the beauty of French, the way it rolls off the tongue (other people…not mine)?

Who is your most loved character in literature?
Unfortunately, I have nothing super fantastic or fancy or to put here. I have so much more to read (and I’ll be honest…I still read a lot of young adult fiction and such…I still feel like a teen). But my favorite (especially because I found her so relatable) is Jessica Darling (see here). The books are written in journal-form. The language and issues are real. Not sugar-coated. And you can’t find these in the Young Adult section.

Favorite room?
Brad’s bedroom. I wish I had my own place. And I miss my old college bedroom.

Favorite place to read a book?
I pretty much just read at work. And I’ll tell ya something…I don’t hate it. But I also love a nice beach setup.

Favorite place in NY?
I haven’t been to NY enough to actually have one. Yes, I was just there last week. But I’ve pretty much just done the tourist-y thing. One day, I’ll have a better answer for you.

Favorite color?
This is a toughie. I kinda like ‘em all. For some reason, I tend to gravitate towards blues. But I wouldn’t call it my favorite.

Favorite painter/painting?
I’m terrible. I don’t really know art very well. But I have some pretty artistic people in my life. Quite a few of my friends (and my sister) have dabbled in this…and they were all fantastic :) .

Favorite thing to collect?
Oh, definitely cameras. I plan on building this collection, forever. But it’s very hard for me to part with movie theater tickets. I have ones in pretty much mint condition from my junior high days.

Favorite mystery?
Playing Clue is some of the best fun you’ll ever have.

Favorite flower?
How can you choose?

Favorite sea creature?
Dolphins, if I must choose.

Favorite smell?
I’ve always loved warm smells…food cooking or baking, cinnamon. I also love the smell of fresh clean clothes and shampooed hair.

If I gave you a medal right now, what would it be for?
Anxiety and Procrastination…it’s a tie.

Favorite texture?
Anything smooth.

Favorite flavor?
I love food so much, this is tough. I tend to go for savory or a bit spicy…but I do enjoy the occasional sweet, typically chocolate thing. But I like when things are very savory. Example would be that I love wings that are both a bit hot and spicy while still having an almost sweet flavor to them. Yum.

What’s the first thing you think of when I say red?

Night or day?
I am and always will be a night owl, but I enjoy a good day that’s pretty much an open book.

Favorite villain?
Hmmm…I’m sure I’ve sorta rooted for the bad guy at some point. Patrick Bateman or something like that. And pretty much everyone on the show Boardwalk Empire is a bad guy in some way.

Favorite silent film star?
Most movies before like…1987 scare the bejessus outta me. So I couldn’t tell ya.

Favorite artist?
I won’t lie…I enjoy a good Lichtenstein. I’ve always loved the art of comic books anyways…that classic old-school feel. Maybe it’s from growing up with the Archie comics. Again, I’m not really into art. So if he is considered a painter…throw him on there too (I’m just embarrassing myself, aren’t I? haha)

Molly Ringwald or Ally Sheedy?
Probably neither. Back in the day, I wouldn’t have crushed on them.

C.S. Lewis or Freud?

Tents or motels?
Both have a certain creepy factor. I almost feel like a tent would be safer for some reason. Maybe less germs…

Favorite musical instrument?
If there is a cello, I will probably fall in love. I adore when strings are mixed in with the basic guitar, drum, bass combo. But I have always been partial to piano as well.

Thunder or lightning?
Because lightning can lead to power outages, injury, and damage, I have to go with thunder. Though lightning can be beautiful.

Tea or coffee?
I’m a tea girl. Always have been. Coffee just isn’t for me. I’ve had my moments with it. If I drink it at all, it’s iced coffee. And pretty much only from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Wine or beer?
Definitely a tough choice. Wine is a go-to. I’d go pick up a bottle (or jug…maybe even a box, if I’m feeling fancy) of wine before buying myself a six-pack. But I love beer.

Lemon or lime?
Lemon for my water. Lime for my beer and mixed drinks.

Monday or Friday?
Oh definitely Friday. Are you kidding me? Mondays kinda suck. Maybe if I had good things to look forward to…but I don’t.

February or December?
December. Come on, the holidays? February is sort of an inbetween month. Spring is still a bit too far away for me to enjoy it.

Christmas or Halloween?
Both have good qualities. Obviously, Christmas seems like the right choice. But Halloween can be very fun, as I realized this year. And there isn’t as much stress and money involved.

Rosemary’s Baby or Hannah and Her Sisters?
I couldn’t tell you. So many movies I must see.

J.D. Salinger or Jack Kerouac?
I can’t answer this…I’m terrible.

Hats or scarves?

Julie Christie or Vanessa Redgrave?

Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor?
I don’t like either…

Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart?
Jimmy Stewart.

Las Vegas or Atlantic City?
Neither. Gambling cities of sin aren’t my forte.

Rain or sun?
Sunshine will always brighten my day (oy, so cheesy, but it literally makes for a better day no matter what). Rainy days are only good for relaxing and taking it easy.

Spiderman or Superman?

Cats or dogs?
I used to hate both. Then I started to warm up to dogs. I’d still say they are, but kittens are just as cute. But I guess I only like them when they are tiny.

Ice cream or sorbet?
Ice cream fo sho.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?
I gotta be honest…I don’t really care much for either. They both have some songs I like…but neither are even on my mp3, let alone something I’d listen to regularly.

Favorite fun fair ride of all time?
I love rollercoasters. I always will. But those Italian swings are classic, as well.

Favorite sidekick?
Tough one to choose. My sister is sorta my number one choice. Sure, we fight, but we pick right back up. And we both have similar interests so we do fun things.

What are the initials of the last person you kissed?

What characteristics do you most envy in others?
Numero uno would definitely be ambition. Not only am I unsure of what I want to do with my life, even if I did know, I probably would be too shy to go for it. I’m jealous of people who can go up to anyone and start a conversation or try anything without any fear. Dos would probably be anyone who is super active. I am lazy, I say I’m going to do something and I don’t (unless it’s things like eating too much or spending too much money. When it comes to exercise or waking up on time or eating healthy or being creative, it’s tough).

If you could fly, where is the first place you would go?
Hmm..I kinda wanna see everything, everywhere. I think I’d go to Italy.

Have you ever won a medal or a prize–if so, what?
I don’t believe so. Probably something when I was younger.

What is your secret dream?
To become a dancer. I am enthralled by the way one can interpret a song by storytelling with their body. And also, when people can pop their booties.

Favorite season?
There are things I love about them all. But I think I like the seasons of change…Spring and Fall. New beginnings or endings. I enjoy summer because it’s that quintessential time for freedom and leisure and warm and going nowhere and somewhere all at once. And winter, though chilly, is the season of cuddling and hot beverages and layers. But fall and spring…you can’t go wrong. Both are gorgeous in the ways they change and shift.

What is your greatest love?
How can I know? Will I ever know?

Favorite currency?
As someone who deals with it on a daily basis…I’d have to go for a 50 dolla bill.

Favorite city?
I haven’t been too enough to know for sure, but the one place I always feel at home? Philly. I would love to live there…even if only for a little while.

Favorite imaginary place?
All the places in my favorite shows and movies that don’t exist.

Favorite planet?
Earth’s all I know.

Favorite children’s book?
I loved this big book of Richard Scarry stories growing up. And all of the golden books, especially ones about manners (which I don’t really have) and We Help Mommy, where the kids do chores (which I don’t really do)…

Favorite candy?
I enjoy peanut M&Ms. And Sour Patch Kids. I like movie candy.

Favorite name [and it cannot be your own]?

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