The week’s almost over…

Well, a bunch of time went by and I haven’t said anything about anything. As you may have experience, the last three days have been gray, cloudy, and rainy. And not just for a bit…the entire day consisted of icky, depressing weather.

No fears, the sun and blue sky is here to greet us once again. And just in time for the weekend…I suppose that works out better, anyways.

Despite all of the icky weather and mopey moods, I still managed to make some of this week tolerable by…

  • having an impromptu Chinese buffet date
  • purchasing my very first DSLR camera (the one in the post below, Canon Rebel XSi), though I’m still waiting for it’s arrival in the mail
  • spending time watching DVDs and TV with my friends
  • pasta, wine, garlic bread, and Frank Sinatra (this recipe is killer)

009 055057  {All pictures taken with the iPhone. The first and third, Hipstamatic.}

I’ve been a crappy blogger. I’ve had so much to say, and I haven’t given myself enough time to actually say it. More to come, I promise, and maybe even better.

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