This Weekend


Last week was…bad. It just wasn’t my time. Work had me on edge, my Buick stalled on me again (I’m not going to be driving it for a while, methinks), I left my wallet in the office on Saturday night…it seemed like everything I hoped would happen meant that the opposite would occur. I gave up hoping. Which is stupid, but I haven’t had such a negative week in so long. I forgot what it’s like when pretty much everything that can go wrong will go wrong. And I kept waiting for the silver lining…it came, eventually. Brad made it home safe, the work week ended (with the prospect of a better one this time around, and a three day weekend come Friday evening), Valentine’s Day and my tax refund are mere days away! I’m looking forward to this week, and I’m going to keep my chin up because, despite how I felt last week, I made it!

Photos from the Weekend:
I came home Friday night to find this on the kitchen table. My mom made my week/life by giving me a little Amazon GC, which is one of the best gifts I could ever receive. Now I just need to figure out which books I want to buy with it!
Nemo was in town on Friday, and it hit right when I was coming home from work. My post-work duty is letting Artie out, and there aren’t many things cuter than his fluffy butt prancing around in the snow.
I don’t care, I love it. This song came on Sirius Saturday morning on the way to work and made me feel tons better.
Dana and I went to see Warm Bodies and we got our usual Blue Raspberry ICEEs.
Brad finally home on Saturday! Of course he had to play Dark Souls immediately while I read and relaxed with Cali. Brad is back from Vegas, but he got really sick while he was there. Sinuses, coughing, all the icky stuff. I’m playing nurse while he heals!
Cute Valentine’s cookies.

Here’s to a happy Monday and an excellent week in general!!

(Apologies for the blurry pics in the middle there)

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