January Photo a Day Challenge Completed!

Another Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day challenge is done! Which means another month has come and gone.
Today it’s Friday and it’s February.
Month #2 of the 2013.

Here’s the photos!



1. Today, I went through photos, read, blogged, and made a list of things I want to do.
2. A cute mug from Target and a polish from the Modern Family Nicole by OPI collection were my something new that day.
3. A cute heart necklace I’ve had for years.
4. The view from here was Brad drinking beer from a huge tube. He asked for the largest beer he could get…and he got it.
5. Lots of movement on stage at The Push show.
6. My pink patent leather Docs are one of the best things that have ever been mine.
7. A blurry photo down the street.
8. Something beginning with a T, we still had the tree up at this point.
9. A cute Sprout bookmark keeping my place in my paper book.
10. Usually still awake at one o’ clock am.
11. Water from the shower.
12. There’s always fun surprises in the Canteen 900 building.
13. A not-so-perfect circle of Clementine pieces.
14. This Watch Children sign is Something Yellow.
15. An ordinary moment at work.
16. My favorite combo at the Chinese place, Chicken/String Beans and Pork Fried Rice, two things that taste so good.
17. Ready to get better, back when I was sick.
18. Pretty tree shadows.
19. A delicious and filling burger in Boston.
20. The fun, kitschy interior of The Friendly Toast was something I saw in Boston.
21. Watch TV shows, cuddle in PJs, read and surf the net are things I do.
22. No corner on this big yellow fan.
23. Everything electric in one place.
24. Stripes on my weekly mani.
25. A snowy landscape on my drive home from work.
26. Brad, Cali, and I cuddling together on a Friday night.
27. The sun shining over Troegs Brewing Company.
28. Dashing through the snow on the way to work Monday morning.
29. My pile of books and my 2013 challenge list continues to grow.
30. Looking down at the reflection of trees in a rippling puddle.

And finally…myself, not wanting to leave my bed!


It’s Friday! Laying in bed is something I plan on doing the next couple of days. I have a whole weekend to rest and relax. Brad is heading to Las Vegas for the week very early Sunday morning until next Saturday, the 9th, so I’ll be spending a good 24 hours with him before he leaves.

Have fun with whatever you do!

Happy weekend everyone!!

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