A Sweet Weekend

I have been having a lovely long weekend over here. Today is the third and final day (Presidents’ Day), but it has been wonderful.
Thanks to tax refund season, I’m a bit financially stable at the moment. A BIT. I’m struggling to not want to spend money all the time, but I’m making up for lost time, treating Brad to lunch at Canteen 900, going to the movies with Dana, and buying my friend Catie a couple of tiny birthday presents. And, well, of course, treating myself. The most important thing to me, of course, is saving some and having a nice cushion for a while, so I don’t have to struggle as much paycheck to paycheck. There are still bills to be taken care of, absolutely. So I’m being smart, whilst also being a little goofy and buying books and DVDs I’ve been wanting for a while…


We kicked off Friday with a happy hour at Bar Louie in the casino. I had a couple of Blue Moons and a lot of laughs.
I got my first haircut since May on Saturday morning. I feel like a new woman! I just love shorter hair.
I treated Brad to lunch at the super delicious Canteen 900. I could eat there everyday, seriously. We both enjoyed salted caramel lattes.
Brad looked super handsome, as usual, on our anni-valentines-versary date on Saturday.
A toast to 3(ish) years. Cork Bar and Restaurant has great cocktails. He had The Bond and I had a Blushing Lady champagne cocktail.
A cutie stuffed dog as part of my gift.
Sunday fuel = Toasted Almond coffee and my everything bagel with cream cheese
WE DID IT AGAIN! This time we saw Beautiful Creatures. But we still had our Icees.

Seriously, it’s been an excellent and relaxing weekend. Our anniversary date was lovely. Amazing food at a restaurant I’ve never been to before now. Champagne cocktails. Cuddles all night. And, yes, some Netflix. That’s just how we do. I’m so happy to spend my days with Brad, with all the cool people in my life, and to just enjoy life as it comes. There are a lot of changes that need to be made, but I’m happy.
Why not?

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