A slice of my life, via the iPhone.

Just some photos of little things in my life, taken with Instagram (@mikeylynn) and Afterglow.


Sleepy pup #1 (Cali).
Snowy trees on a winter morning.
My mom bought me this mirror, which showcases my favorite animal doing my favorite thing…perfect!
Lucky Brand yellow skinnies I bought for $10 and my Minnetonka mocs.
I go nuts for donuts.
Mix ginger beer with white wine, and you have yourself a “Cork Soaker”…according to Cork restaurant anyway.
Hannah: Hapless Hunter Green. Love this color, but the whole Deborah Lippmann GIRLS collection is awesome.
Sleepy pup #2 (Artie).
Several of my Amazon purchases…there are more coming too. I HAVE A PROBLEM. God, I love books.
I am obsessed with this mug I got from Dunkin’ Donuts.

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