Happy Valentine’s Day!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Valentine’s Day isn’t my favorite holiday and I don’t believe it’s an important holiday either. Anything that makes people feel bad for being alone is silly…however, I think it should be reserved for all kinds of love. Besides, who doesn’t love pink and red and hearts and vintage cards and chocolates and sweet treats? I am beyond blessed and lucky that I have Brad in my life, but no matter what, I’d celebrate the love in my life (family/friends/etc.) , no matter what form it took.

Tonight, I am cooking a dinner for my family. I got my tax refund and, since I have a little extra cash, I plan on getting some steak and green beans and potatoes and salad and making a really big meal (with wine to drink, of course). I cook dinner every Thursday that I can, but I don’t want to just make tacos or pasta like usual. I am blessed with all the love in my life, and I appreciate it as much and as often as I can, but today especially I want to put forth that little extra effort.

I hope you enjoy your day, whether you are spending it with your partner, your parents, your best friend, your puppy, or your favorite movie and some wine. That’s what it’s all about.

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