The Weekend

A quick, crazy weekend. Pizza at Tommy’s with some boys. Work. A new iPhone 5! A MYO 6 pack filled with crazy yum beers. Cheesesteaks.
Crying while finishing my latest read. Coffee, bagels, omelets. The Oscars (the everlasting, forever-long Oscars).


Me with the iPhone 5! I got a white phone, I wanted that color when I originally got my 4. I didn’t need a reason to love the iPhone anymore than I already did, but this beautiful piece of technology did it for me.
A PBR in a frosty glass with my fried Sicilian pizza.
Burrito Deluxe from La Tolteca. So damn good.
My picks for the 6 pack.
Brad and I made a list of things we want to do to help make our lives better. A lot of health and money related goals.
Leopard print nails…I followed this tutorial from CutePolish, and it’s so easy and amazing.
A little bubbly for viewing the Oscars.
A Monday morning bagel, coffee, and Bon Iver. Took the day off (thank God, the Oscars were on until midnight).

I had a nice little weekend. I hope you did too! 

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