When Life Gives You Lemons…


I know I’m not alone in saying that times have been tough lately. At least, I hope I’m not. I’m not trying to say I want us all to be miserable, but I suppose I want to know that we all go through it and we all come back on the other side.

I could go on a tangent telling you every little/big/stupid/important thing that is bothering me right now, but what’s the point?
Complaining won’t help anything. And worrying will only hurt the situation. So what do you do?

I’ve recently had to (and continue to have to) really consider what I need/want in life. I can’t be frivolous with money.
I can’t have everything I want. I am not perfect. I won’t ever be. 
It’s good to accept these things, but it doesn’t stop you from getting funky from time to time.

So what do you do? How do you make it better?
I could very easily lay in bed every night after I come home from work, stay in sweatpants for the majority of my days, eating terribly unhealthy junk food, skip showers for days at a time, and not give a hoot about my life in general. And honestly, that’s sometimes what I feel like doing. Like giving up, to put it in simply.

But you can’t do that. So here I am.
I look at job websites everyday, keeping my eyes open for new endeavors.
I make choices, even if they suck, so that I can have money for gas and bills and necessities and not overly-fret about being broke.
I embrace my creative side by plotting blog posts, attempting to be crafty, and daydreaming (no one should ever stop daydreaming!).
I lose myself in the books I stock up on and always have handy so I never go a day without reading something.
I take time to breathe and enjoy the world, enjoy the sky and the trees, the things I can enjoy no matter what.
I spend time with my family, friends, with Brad, talking and enjoying company.
And I enjoy my own company. I like to be alone. Sometimes, it’s all I want. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

This is my life right now, and I’m going with the flow. It’s not how I want it to be, by a long shot, but if anything, I want to appreciate the fact that I have what I do have, that it could always be worse, and even so, it will always get better.

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