Etsy Lust List: Halloween Edition!

Hey, guys, Halloween is just about 2 weeks away! Have you picked out your costumes? Have you decorated your home? Have you purchased candy for trick-or-treaters only to find yourself eating all of it? If not, you better start!
Okay, I haven’t done any of that either. In fact, I’m not sure I’ll be dressing up/celebrating Halloween this year.
But I still love everything about it. Why not? It’s fun!

Anyway, I decided to share some Halloween-centric items from my Etsy favorites this month. The thing is, things like this are expected this time of year, but it’s perfect normal and awesome to want to get creepy at any time during the year. Live everyday like it’s Halloween.
Or some days. Life’s too short.


I have been lusting over sweater clips/sweater guards for a while now. They are just so awesome and add an unexpected charm to your outfit.
This Skeleton Key Sweater Clip is super chic with just the perfect amount of creep. I have love skeleton hand jewelry and hair pieces, and I love the pizazz these have been given. You can find them on the super-awesome Etsy store Rabbit Heart Designs.


Speaking of Rabbit Heart Designs, I follow Sara’s Instagram and I fell in love with the coffin ring she wears that you can see here.
Unfortunately, she doesn’t make those rings (it was a purchase from a long while ago) so I had to set out and see if I can find some myself. That’s when I found these from Alice, Dear. They make coffins super cute, no?


Peter Pan Collar necklaces are all over the place right now, and with great purpose. They are super cute! I was looking at a variety when this one caught my eye. I love the multi-colored skulls. It’s like creepy candy. Once again, this is something you could wear year round.
This one is available on Sultry Affair, along with other Peter Pan necklaces and lots of cool jewelry.


I have never played with a Ouija board in my life for the sheer fact that they are so frightening. Despite that, they are pretty cool-looking.
This iPhone case is quite awesome and can be found on Undead Pinups.


I couldn’t have a Halloween-centric post without a shout out to my favorite mystical (real?) creatures, vampires!
I love these decorative signs from Slippin’ Southern. You can guarantee those fangs would be up 24/7/365.

That’s all for now!
Don’t forget to click on the pics for direct links to the items!

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