September Photo a Day Challenge: Completed

Wow, guys. I love putting these challenges together at the end/beginning of the month, but it seems to happen all too quickly. It’s OCTOBER.
And this month is a busy one. I have two Saturday weddings and, when I’m not at those, I’ll be working. It’s going to be exhausting.
But fun, at least!

Here’s the Fat Mum Slim challenge list for September.




1. For my You,Now, I shared this picture of me eating a sandwich in bed. Hangover recovery.
2. I bought Rogue’s Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale at the same place as my father. Still haven’t opened mine. Nervous.
3. Walking towards an Italian Food Festival that seemed far away.
4. There wasn’t anything fun in my mailbox on that day.
5. There was a very bright sock monkey at the store and it made me smile.
6. I make sure to have a book on hand every day. And it just so happened that I had just finished the book Every Day by David Levithan.
7. The OPI polish “Just Spotted the Lizard” from the Spider-Man collection is anything but natural.
8. At night, Brad and I spent time with his cousin and his fiancée with wedding things (the ceremony is this Saturday already!).
9. Enjoying a drink and a cigar and always canoodling with my boyfriend are things I do most weekends.
10. A sweet black and white photo of my cousin’s baby son, Niall. LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS.
11. Remembering all the heroes who sacrificed their lives and safety on 9/11/01.
12. Cali and I together and actually getting along for once.
13. Put breakfast for dinner on the table that evening.
14. My favorite boy and I on the road to upstate NY for wine country bachelor(ette) party!
15. White hotel comforter and sheets were the first things I saw in the morning while away.
16. There are lots of strange things in the backseat of my car. And it’s a mess. Ew.
17. I keep a few coffee creamers and beverages in Brad’s fridge (I don’t really have my own).
18. This was the price of two days worth of soup and yogurt for lunch at work.
19. Enjoying some yummy ice cream underneath my cozy Slanket.
20. “Manmade” corn muffins from a box of Jiffy.
21. Sometimes I take the time to put on a nice outfit, some makeup, and hit the town.
22. Waking myself up with some coffee.
23. Before bedtime, I like to read a little, enjoy a glass of water, and light a scented candle.
24. 3 things in this salad. Croutons, fresh grated parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing.
25. A photo from my trip to London in 2008 in a polka dot frame.
26. Fall foliage is near.
27. Love that fall is here, hate that eventually all of the leaves will be off the trees and winter will arrive.
28. Falling asleep early is a good thing for me.
29. No errands to run. Just enjoying some coffee and reading.
30. Me, then. I had very short hair in 2008.

And, as always, I’ll be starting October’s Photo a Day challenge today!

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