A Simple Weekend

After all the craziness of last weekend, it was nice to have a quiet weekend in. I stayed in sweats/pajamas about 75% of the time, watched (and cried the whole time) Never Let Me Go, and I got nice and crafty! It was fun to sit down with a couple of Gin and Tonics (my simple and tasty favorite drink of the moment), some music, and work with my hands. I started off with some simple t-shirt scarves (I used this video as my guide, but kept mine very simple to start. I want to try and make more and incorporate different materials into it.
And of course, this is just the beginning of my crafty nature. I bought a bunch of things at Michaels’ and I’m so excited to get deep.


Here are a couple of Instagram photos to show the final products.


Fun fun! Can’t wait to share more with you soon.

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