Expressive Photography

On an outing to Barnes and Noble this weekend, I decided to look for books on photography and DSLR cameras. I have so much to learn, and I am desperate to do so. If you know me, then you know I fell in love the instant I saw this…

When it comes to the technological aspects of a camera, I’m just steps above barely useless. I know a few things, but I could stand to attend a class or do some more research (and I’m heavily contemplating a book for Dummies). What I love so much about the book above (because of course I bought it) is that it discusses the real reason I got into cameras and photography in the first place: the emotion behind the pictures.

When I take a picture of something, I’m compelled because whatever I am seeing means the world to me at that exact moment. I wanted to take pictures more and more because I would continue to be blown away by the beauty I saw in the world and in the people I love (and maybe even the people and things I would see but never know or fully experience).

This book not only teaches me a few things like composition and lighting in all different aspects of photography, but that the most important thing is doing whatever you need to do so that the photo ultimately shows how you felt at that moment, to tell your story through the photo. And that’s kind of all I’ve ever wanted.

I never heard of the Shutter Sisters website until I picked up this book. I’m going to have to look into it more now…

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