2013 Recap: January–April

2014 is fast-approaching. It’s time to recap this past year, as I have in previous years.
I can say that 2013 isn’t ending the way I thought it would, in the beginning or even a few months ago.
One thing stayed true, though. I got out of my dead-end job and my life has improved greatly from that result.

I had a good chuckle looking at the list of things I wanted to do this year and realizing that I got pretty much none of it done. I still want to do these things, and they seem a lot more tangible now, but it’s always disappointing to realize what you could’ve done. No better time than now, though! Two memorable moments from January were the little road trips I took. First, I joined Brad and his parents to visit his brother and sister-in-law in Boston. Then, Brad joined my dad, sister, Josh, and I on a trip to Troegs Brewing Company and the Philly car show (it’s become a yearly January tradition). I love both of these cities, even in the freezing cold weather.
I also started my 52 books in 52 weeks challenge at a great pace.






Aside from Valentine’s Day, which isn’t always important (aside from the fact that Brad and I celebrate our anniversary then, too, just to combine it all), February tends to be a quiet month. Brad went to Vegas for a sales meeting (and got really sick on his trip) and we eventually celebrated our 3ish years together with a good meal and cocktails. I also decided to make a good steak dinner for my family and Brad for Valentine’s Day, as well. Tax Return season is always fantastic, and I treated myself to my first expensive Deborah Lippmann polishes (double bonus because they were created and inspired by the show Girls, one of my favorites). It should also be noted that I got the iPhone 5, fell even more in love with that stupid device, and that’s why so many of my pictures were taken with my iPhone camera.


Things are always a little quiet in March. Aside from my sister’s birthday on the 13th, nothing else exciting tends to happen. I’m not big into St. Patrick’s Day and I’m usually so over the cold and dreary weather. This one remains the same as always. Low-key weekends and entertaining myself against the dull days of winter, with highlights including a new coffee and tea station by Brad’s Keurig and dog-sitting my favorite schnauzer, Sophie.


So…April started off with a cruel April Fool’s joke…I (and most of my family) got the stomach flu the day after Easter and it. was. terrible. I laid in bed deliriously, watched the entire series of Freaks and Geeks for the fifth time, and wished for health. Not long after, I found out that my precious Buick would be put to rest, along with all the memories that hunk o’ junk held with it. Aside from those bummer days, April started to look up. Spring was arriving, my friend Jenna (who resides in California for most of the year) was in to visit, and a beautiful couple (Mark and Amanda)  got married on a beautiful day in a beautiful place.



So that’s the first 1/3 of the year.
I enjoy looking back, because the time flies and I often forget some of the excellent things that happened along the way!
Look for 2/3 tomorrow!

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