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With the free time I have lately, I’ve been trying to settle down and learn a little. About myself, about things I’d like to do, about things I should do. Of course, I don’t usually end up doing it. I think that if I just jumped right in, it might be easy to stick with a pattern. It’s so hard for me to start, though.

The thing is, I have a bunch of books about things I’d love to learn or work on, not to mention all the resources at my expense on the internet. Books with tips and tricks and helpful assignments, websites with lists and links, and notebooks, pens, and pencils galore. Most of the time, when I can sit down and just think, I end up playing stupid games on my phone or re-watching How I Met Your Mother for the 3rd time. I give myself some credit for writing blog posts. I might not post all of them, but I have a small reserve of saved posts that will work at any given time.

The new goal? Set aside some time to just read and write about the things I love.
I count my recreational reading, as well. Entertainment Weekly helps keep me up to date with great books, music, movies, and TV shows. The Circle by Dave Eggers is my book of the moment.
On the left are two books with writing exercises. I always have a bunch of ideas but execution is, as I’ve mentioned, the hardest part. On the right, a couple of my photography books. I’m still trying to learn about manual settings with my DSLR, not to mention trying to get inspiration to actually use my camera.

Here’s to diving in!

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