The Past Couple of Weeks via my iPhone

It’s December. Seriously. I just don’t know. Christmas is less than a month away…about 20 days away, in fact.
Time goes so fast. I’m losing track of it all the time. How crazy is it that, in less than 30 days, we will be entering 2014?

I realize I haven’t shared a lot of the going-ons in my life lately because it has slipped right on by.
As always, the best way to show it is by the photos I’ve taken on my phone.


A couple of weeks ago, Jenna visited! She’s leaving for California this time next week…so crazy. She came back in July…again, a reminder that time flies. When she first got to Brad’s, we hugged and I swear Cali tried to jump in on it as we parted. She was standing on her hind legs, paws out like The Creep and we both died a little from the cuteness.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire! I was dedicated to seeing the IMAX version, since it’s how I saw the first. it will continue to be my viewing preference for the last two films. I loved it, of course. And I had to geek out and represent with flamed nails and my Etsy-purchased necklace homage.

Though it snowed a little before, it was a lot more significant last week. It has gotten much colder, very wintery. I think snow is gorgeous, but traveling in it sucks and I hate having to defrost my car every morning. It’s a love-hate.

I love this new beer shirt I got. It’s the second one I own, and now I want to have a collection.

We finally broke out the Bodum Brazil French Press (I got it for $6 at JCPenney!) using super—strong Cafe Bustelo. HOLY CRAP! Brad and I were spazzing. It was a successful first run, but I’m looking forward to grinding my own beans and trying a milder coffee next time. (Sidebar: I used the A Beautiful Mess app to edit this photo. Their latest update included this collage option, and it’s pretty much the best thing ever.)

Yesterday, I worked my first 8 hour shift, which means I get an hour break for lunch. Maybe that’s the norm for some of you, but it’s fairly new for me! I went to Panera, a hop away from Old Navy, and enjoyed my favorite meal and a cup of coffee from the CUTEST HOLIDAY CUP YET.

And that’s some stuff from my life!

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