A Recap: Season 2 of GIRLS

This past Sunday, the season finale of the second season of GIRLS aired. It’s hard to believe, considering I remember watching the first season clear as day, and we now have 20 episodes of the show to discuss, praise, and tear apart.
To say the season has been a roller coaster would be an understatement…I think this season really lost a lot of fans. I’ve stayed with the show, and I’m glad I did, but I definitely had moments of doubt. Even though I heard a lot more complaints than raves, I think the show, whether the episode is good, bad, believable or not, I know people are still watching. I don’t know if it’s because they hope the show will get better (which I was doing) or just to “hate-watch” but whatever.

I thought I’d look back at some of my favorite moments from this season…


In the first episode of season 2, Hannah and her new roomie Elijah hold a party. I loved seeing Hannah in her cute dress, all excited about throwing her first soiree. More importantly, I loved Shoshanna’s spacy, post-virginity loss behavior…the strange mini hat, the air DJing, and, of course, the Karaoke version of “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston…amazing.


I know I wasn’t the only one excited about Booth and Marnie’s hookup…especially after the huge tease from season 1.
I was a bit disappointed with the payoff, but I was still very happy that it happened.


Also in episode 3, Hannah and Elijah do a whole lotta coke. I don’t condone drug use (and cocaine happens to be my “scary drug”), but watching them lip sing to “I Love It” by Icona Pop was the most fun I had all season.


Episode 4 was classic GIRLS. After episodes that felt very Hannah/Marnie-centric, we got to look into the lives of Shoshanna (and her relationship with Ray) and Jessa (and her flailing marriage with Thomas John). We found out that Charlie still very much cares for Marnie (yay! except for she’s not having it), Ray has been living with Shoshanna without her even realizing it but it’s okay because she loves him and vice versa, and Jessa meets Thomas John’s parents, acts like her crazy self, they get into a massive fight, and that’s basically the end of that.


It also led to this awesome moment of Hannah singing “Wonderwall” in the bathtub, Jessa sneaking up on her, getting in the tub, and crying.
Beautiful, upsetting, funny…all the things I love about this show.

Episode 5, One Man’s Trash, was probably my least favorite. I don’t have any favorite moments…it was an unbelievable episode for me. And not because, like some people, Patrick Wilson wouldn’t wanna be with someone like Lena Dunham…bullshit. It was because it’s very rare that a random girl would meet a random guy and spend two whole nights with him…or maybe that’s just not something that’s ever happened to me or anyone I know or anyone they know pretty much ever.


Episode 6 held a lot of big moments for Hannah and Marnie. Hannah was presented with the opportunity to write and e-book and is thrilled, but mostly anxious. Marnie thinks she’s living the good life with the famous Booth Jonathan. Both realize they are in way over their heads and have one of the most heart-breaking conversations at the end, in which they both lie about their lives, proving that friends usually have a competition of who is happier or more successful.

In 7, we got to meet Jessa’s father. Jessa, who is ever the carefree spirit, is finally unable to be careless. She is feeling the ache of never being properly raised and of her inability to make good choices and keep in one place. It was the most honest we’ve ever seen her, which was beautiful. It is also when she chose to run away again, leaving a gaping hole in her wake for Hannah.


In 8, we learn about Hannah’s past with OCD as it has come back. That might have been the most important part of the episode, but it was Adam’s confession at an AA meeting that took my breath away. Adam Driver has continued to prove himself an amazing actor throughout the 20 episodes of this show (though he wasn’t on every single one). This in particular blew me away. He finally speaks up about his feelings towards Hannah and their break up…not that anyone in the room particularly cared…but the audience sure did.


9…Hannah has officially lost her mind. She injures herself with a Q-Tip, puncturing her eardrum and ending up in the ER. As she wanders the streets of New York in an oversized tee and not much else, she sees Adam, who looks clean and put together as he enjoys a night out with his beautiful new girlfriend. This is the first time they’ve seen each other since episode 2…when he was escorted out of her building by cops. It is awkward and endearing all at once.



Charlie and Marnie!!! Yay, please work. But more importantly…


Hannah cries for help in a big way by chopping off her hair in a very unattractive bob and calls Adam in a moment of weakness. Through Facetime, he sees how low she is and runs from his place to her place, breaks down the door, and embraces her in a beautiful and happy ending that couldn’t have made me love this show anymore.

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