February Photo a Day Challenge Completed

February-photo-a-day_zps4b4d2cdcAnd March is here! I could say I’m surprised, but February is the shortest month after all. I’m welcoming March with open arms. It’s time for spring, time for longer days, time for warmer weather and sunshine and getting rid of the Cabin Fever!
As always, the end of the month brings the end of another Fat Mum Slim month challenge.
Here’s the finished product for February 2013.


1. A fork in my salad on a tasty dinner date with Brad.
2. A cute Dalmatian pattern on a skirt at Target.
3. This stuff elephant, a gift from Brad from a couple of years ago, is something that begins with E.
4. “Him vacated of hope.”
5. Crisp and fresh winter air was something I smelled.
6. Soft candlelight and a glass of wine left me nice and cozy.
7. My name tag at work.
8. The mug I keep at work is something orange.
9. The Twilight movies are a big guilty pleasure of mine. Just bought the final one this weekend. I’m not ashamed.
10. A Sunday afternoon at 3 o’ clock and I’m still in pajama pants. Totally acceptable.
11. Sometimes a beer is the entrance to unwinding after a long, rough day.
12. I ate lunch in the break room at work. Isn’t it lovely (sarcasm)?
13. Walking around the block on my 10 minute break.
14. Love is sharing food and stories with my family and Brad, spending that quality time.
15. A big turkey defrosting in the fridge.
16. Revlon’s Just Bitten Balm Stain is the perfect lip color for me. They aren’t drying and they give a great amount of color.
17. The iPhone is always in my hand, but there’s also a coffee here as well. Brad took this photo for me. :)
18. Waking up earlier than necessary on my day off is something I don’t like.
19. I am enjoying a peaceful walk in the snow.
20. I stood by a bunch of dirty, gross snow.
21. A full beer after a long day.
22. After a hard day of work, putting on a favorite shirt, pretty lip color, and some winged eyeliner to make me smile.
23. A word in Spanish.
24. The whole sky was a cloud that day.
25. I have a mess on my bedside table. Water, lip balm, and lotion are necessities.
26. More books to add to my to-read pile for quiet time.
27. Playing with a cute doggie visitor at work.
28. Clothes hanging upside down on the drying rack.

And there we go! Can’t wait to share this month’s with you! Not too fast, though.

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