Recent Reads: Your Voice in My Head (Book #11 of 2013)


I don’t know what prompted me to add Your Voice in My Head, Emma Forrest’s memoir, to my To-Read list. Usually, my interests are piqued by reviews in Entertainment Weekly, Goodreads, or Amazon recommendations. I don’t remember what led me to read it, but I’m glad I did.

Your Voice in My Head is Emma Forrest’s account of her battle with bipolar disorder, which she has dealt with her entire life. That is enough to be intriguing for me to read. As someone who deals with anxiety and depression, I admire when people are honest about their mental illnesses, and I appreciate when they showcase every high and low point of it all.

When I started reading this, I had a sort of “Why?” moment. Why do people write memoirs, why do people read them, why is your story more important than someone else’s, enough to write a book? But I’m still very thankful for them, at times, because they show you a glimpse at real life, real pain, real love…what’s not to love?

This book is short, only about 210 pages. I probably would’ve finished it sooner but last week was crazy, and then I forgot it at home for a good 36 hours or so. I would recommend this, especially for those that suffer any form of depression or anxiety.

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