This Weekend, in Photos


My first ever Pickleback shot (whiskey with a shot of pickle juice). I love pickles, but obviously…weird.
The Outlet Army and Navy store outside of Bart & Urby’s on Friday night.
A half-finished, half-destroyed game of Chess played by a father and son waiting for a table at Canteen 900.
Little treats, all on sale. A Martha Stewart notebook (1$!), Butter London “Toff” polish, and Nails Inc. Sprinkles polish.
A special St. Patty’s day message from Brad and Lou.
Cali is alert as people take their dogs for walks.
Reading in bed with coffee…a very important Sunday tradition.

I had a great weekend. I am so sad to see it go, especially since I spend pretty much the entire week waiting for those two special days. I wish I wouldn’t do that to myself, but it’s where I am in my life. All I can do now is hope for a good week, with the least amount of stress possible, good nights of sleep, and a lack of setbacks. I wish you all the same as well!

(Sidenote: I edited these photos using the app Afterlight, which used to be Afterglow. It’s still the same amazing app, just a new name!)

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