Happy Friday, friends! Are you ready for the weekend? I most certainly am! No work or plans makes Michal Lynn a happy girl.

Is it me or are the days and weeks going by way too freaking fast? There is an obviously plus side to the weekend arriving quickly, but the days are a blur. It’s scary when you feel like time is slipping through your hands, but I intend to enjoy the couple days of freedom ahead of me.

It was actually a pretty good week.
I did some dance DVDs that made me feel healthy and strong…I always forget the power of exercise on the mind as well as the body.
Maria’s birthday was excellent...we had tacos and Blood Orange margaritas and laughed a whole lot.
I got to meet some cute puppies.

There have been worse weeks.
But now I’m ready to cuddle with Brad, shut the alarms off, and go to Canteen 900 (always a good idea).


Have a good weekend!

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