What a quick and crazy weekend. It had a rough start, and sorta stayed that way throughout. I was stuck with a bad mood that would just not go away. However, there were still some great moments of the weekend, and I’m very thankful for that.

Though this picture isn’t actually from Friday, it’s from the same place. I pigged out on Tommy’s Pizza and it was perfect.
Maria and I went to see Spring Breakers, which was so crazy and shocking and weird and colorful and fun to watch. I’m really glad we saw it and I’m just the teensiest bit obsessed with it. I don’t like James Franco, but he blew my mind in this movie.
Brad was asked to dog/housesit for his aunt on Saturday, so we spent the night there watching TV, drinking beer, and snuggling with Sophie. I swaddled her in my sweater, and how sweet is the photo of Brad and Sophie sleeping? I die.
Also, Samuel Adams already released their summer variety pack…I had the Porch Rocker last year and it’s better than I remembered. Is it summer yet???
Finally, this is the nail polish haul. Brad surprised me with two bottles of Leather Effect polish, which was the sweetest thing. It definitely helped put a smile on my face after an extremely long and emotionally exhausting Friday. I went ahead and treated myself to two of the Selena Gomez Nicole by OPI polishes (the collection is full of pretty things) because I was still high on the movie…the hot pink is actually called Spring Break!! I get excited.

So, I’m hoping for a better week. Hoping to stay positive no matter what.
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Let’s make this a good one, eh?

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