Too fast. Too, too fast. I have been going batty lately. Work is on my last nerve. The good thing is, my brain has been stirring up lots of fun ideas, but the bad thing is I am so physically and mentally drained by the end of the work day that I end up sitting in bed watching TV instead of furthering my life or acting on my ideas. I don’t want to be that way anymore! But it’s still fun to be inspired.
I spent a car ride with Brad yesterday explaining some things stirring around in my head and it was so nice to get it off my chest, to have someone to support me in my endeavors, and to even have inspiration despite it all.


From top to bottom…

Rum and Coke in a twirly glass.
Flavored cigars that I didn’t partake in but that look cool.
Toasted Almond coffee and an Apple Orchard doughnut that started my Sunday off right.
Precious baby Niall.
Hand to Finger ratio.

I am SO MAD. I brought my Canon Rebel to take pictures of my cousin’s baby Niall, but I left it in Brad’s trunk and left Brad’s car at my house.
NOT COOL. He’s so cute, though. I’m sure he’s probably a handful sometimes, but he didn’t cry once. He just smiled and slept and enjoyed being held and kissed by everyone around him. Babies rock.

I’m ready to tackle another week, because I have a glorious three-day weekend ahead. Something to look forward to!
Until then, let’s do this guys!!!!

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