It was so nice and so necessary to have this long weekend. I’ve been going kinda crazy at work, just bored and desperate for something new (of course, by the time I get out I lose all motivation to make any changes to my life). So it was really great to have 3 days of complete and total freedom to hang out with friends, sleep in, read my latest book, watch cartoons, drink pumpkin coffee and pumpkin beers, enjoy a garlic festival and an Italian festival, and just live life.


Brad and I splashing in the pool for possibly the last time this year.
Words of truth.
Pumpkin iced coffee and K-Cups for enjoying later.
Delicious, fresh-squeezed lemonade with my boos.
Blue Birch Beer at the Italian Festival.
That time I told Brad I was getting Lauren’s K-Cups out of the car, but actually drove it to their house. Woops.

It was a really great weekend, and there were so many more moments I didn’t get to capture on my phone.
Now it’s back to the grind. But there’s always another weekend, more fun to be had, more precious friend time.

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