May Photo a Day Challenge Completed!


I have finished Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge for May. I love doing it. I’m trying to get more creative with it, but it’s hard sometimes. Hence, the challenge.
By the way, the completion of the Photo a Day challenge means the conclusion of the month of May.
It doesn’t seem like a whole month has passed since I shared with you guys my April photos from the challenge.

May is my favorite month, and now it’s over. Thankfully, it was wonderful! The best birthday party I’ll ever have in my life (I’m sure), beautiful weather, and amazing times with good people. I’m ready for June. For more good.


1. My sister throwing up a peace sign in celebration of her job!
2. The skyline above Price Chopper, a place I’m at nearly everyday.
3. I wore shorts on the 3rd because it was one of the first hot days.
4. I had fun celebrating Cinco de Mayo early!
5. A couple of birds outside of Brad’s.
6. Me before a day out to Hoboken.
7. My Summa Cum Laude graduate/full-time job rocker sister is someone who inspires me.
8. I adore the smell of coffee. So intoxicating.
9. Tinted moisturizer, mascara, and blush is a ritual I do everyday.
10. I fell in love with the word indefatigable thanks to Scott Pilgrim.
11. Kitchen.
12. Something that makes me happy is being outside on water on a beautiful day.
13. My cousin is a mom to be!
14. Green grass, red shoes, yellow dandelion.
15. Silly love with Brad.
16. I was reading Girls in White Dresses at the time.
17. Brad stuffed tomatoes with goat cheese, herbs, and mushrooms as a snack.
18. My Black Swan costume crown was something I made.
19. Canteen 900 is a favorite place, especially since they surprised me with a birthday cupcake!
20. I couldn’t live without Brad, who helped organize the best birthday party of my life and, of course, loves me!
21. All my bags at Brad’s from where I stand.
22. Two pictures to show off all the pink in my day!
23. Some of my favorite technology.
24. My little succulent plant dish is something new to me, a great gift from Catie.
25. An unusual picture of Artie that Maria’s boyfriend sent me.
26. 12 o’ clock AM and still awake.
27. Brad surprising me with a tasty Strawberry Banana smoothie is sweet in two ways!
28. Clear skies and warm weather.
29. 19 happens to be a number I love (birthday?).
30. My personality varies from sleepy to goofy to imaginative and excited!
31. Nature is always a thing of true beauty.

Can’t wait to try another month. Hopefully I’ll learn some things along the way.

I’m glad it’s Friday! I have a busy weekend, though. It will surely fly by. Work on Saturday and the bridal shower of my first friend who is getting married on Sunday! Everyone around me is getting engaged and planning weddings.
Man…we are growing up.

Happy weekend, all!

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