Nails and Ales

Another month’s worth of Nails and Ales! Get ready for a bunch of summer-worthy brews!

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When I purchased this six-pack, I was debating between two watermelon beers. This one won because a) it’s a wheat beer and b) it has great packaging and a neat name. 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon is what would happen if you decided to suck on a watermelon-flavored Jolly Rancher while sipping a beer. This is THE FIRST TIME I’ve ever had a wheat beer in a can. 21st Amendment only uses cans, for very simple reasons (easy to recycle, etc.). I’d say try it if you’re curious, but I don’t see myself buying it again.
Nails: OPI Sparrow Me the Drama (Pirates of the Caribbean collection) and Super Bass Shatter (Nicki Minaj collection). Quick and simple.


Hefeweizens are super-smooth, easy-to-drink, wheat beers. I was really excited to Magic Hat’s Circus Boy because I had heard good things and I’m just starting to expand my Magic Hat knowledge. Unfortunately, it didn’t really stand out for me. It wasn’t bad by any means, but I guess it just didn’t blow me away. In fact, I’m a little bummed I didn’t take a picture of the second beer
I had that night (UFO’s Raspberry Hefeweizen) but there’s always next time!
Nails: This is definitely some of my favorite nail art in a while. I was inspired by Pshiiit, but I did my own little spin. It looks a lot more complicated than it was, but it still took seven different nail polishes. Instead of using little striper brushes, I did thin lines with the regular polish brushes, and made the clouds using the same method Nailside uses.
Colors: OPI I’m Not Really a Waitress, China Glaze Riveting (Capitol Colours collection), Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, OPI Jade is the New Black and No Room for the Blues. Clouds – Sally Hansen White On. Glitter Top Coat – Prisma Luminous Color #6468


When I bought Hell or High Watermelon, this was close in the line-up. Unlike Shock-Top’s Summer Shandy, Samuel Adams Porch Rocker uses lager instead of wheat brew and tops it off with a yummy lemon flavor. I enjoyed this as much as I do a shandy, maybe even more so. It’s got such a clean, crisp taste and I can’t think of any better activity to do while drinking this than sit on a porch swing or rocking chair and enjoy a summer evening. I need to make sure I grab a case before it goes out of season!
Nails: I used OPI Nothin’ Mousie ‘Bout It (a cute pink glitter with heart confetti from the Minnie Mouse collection) over Pamplona Purple.
My only complaint about the glitter polish is that the hearts are hard to put on and hard to remove. Cute, though!


Maria’s boyfriend Josh went to make a six-pack at the local convenient store and asked if I wanted anything special. I jokingly asked him to bring me back something cute, but he actually did! Sweaty Betty is a smooth, light Bavarian-style blonde wheat beer. I drank this while sitting on the back porch, surrounded by white Christmas lights and tiki torches, and I couldn’t imagine a better beverage to be sipping on. I love a nice, clean, simple beer to drink, especially during the heat wave we endured last week.
Nails: It is very rare that I paint my nails one color without any glitter or layers. I had a couple of different designs in mind, but OPI Call Me Gwen-ever (from the Spider-Man Collection) is so lovely, it didn’t need anything but a super shiny top coat. This polish was hard to find (it’s one of the nicest colors in the collection, and a super-popular color in general) but my sister’s friend (my friend) Lindsay was able to snag the last bottle at a specialist shop. Half-price, too! Yay!

That’s all for this month! Can’t wait to share more with you next month.

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