Etsy Lust List

Just some things I’ve been falling for on Etsy


I love these Geo Rings from A Merry Mishap. They are sold separately, but how could you choose just one color? There are so many pretty pastels. Plus, they look super cute in a cluster like in this picture. I’ve always liked the multi-ring look.


How adorable are these Woodland Creatures necklaces from Spotlight Jewlery? I wouldn’t know which animal to pick.


I’d never thought to look for beauty items on Etsy, but one of my favorite nail art blogs, Little Nails, mentioned her purchase of a few nail polishes from Lush Lacquer. They are super glittery. I especially love this color, Chubby Checker.


It’s super hard to pick just one lady tie from Flapper Girl. There are so many adorable designs and colors to choose from! I settled on showcasing the Galaxy print, but there are quite a few different ones in my Favorites.


I had to share these lovely succulents from San Pedro Cactus. I first saw them on Etsy’s Pinterest, and on the shop they are all described as sets for wedding or bridal shower favors. I absolutely love that idea. That’s something I don’t have to worry about for a while, but what a great idea. I know I’m in love with my little succulent garden (I’ve named her Susan, by the way), and I’d love to share that joy!

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