I’d think it impossible, but each weekend seems to get better than the last. I can honestly say my life is pretty great right now. Despite working on Saturday morning, I managed to enjoy every single bit of this past weekend.

Hibachi dinner with my friends (including this long distance dude) that turned into drinks and Apples to Apples at Brad’s.
Delicious lunch, a bit of gambling (broke even), and an evening nap on Saturdays (naps are becoming a tradition and I like it).
Disgustingly delicious food and laughs with my best girl at Hops & Barleys.
A fun “Sun-date” with my man (more on that later).

I just wish every day could be the weekend.
At the very least, I need to pick my week off from work.
Brad and I are already deciding to stick with a staycation this year…and I’m totally fine with that!

Here’s to a great week, y’all!

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