The End of an Era

As you or any of your fanatic friends may know, tonight is the final episode of Lost. 6 years of insanity is coming to a close, and I am nervous and excited and sad.

Though I haven’t been watching the show since it first released in 2004 (I caught up in time to finish the 4th season, a couple years ago), I pretty much instantly fell in love (I can only imagine how people who have followed and waited patiently since the beginning for this feel). Name another show like this for me on television, I dare you. There is action and suspense and humor, romance and horror and passion. And you’ve probably heard, a lot of confusion and unanswered questions.

Perhaps that’s why I am so nervous for tonight. By 11:30 this evening, one of my favorite shows will have ended, and I don’t know if I will be satisfied or confused or angry or just completely done with the show. I have watched many a series finale, but (since there’s nothing out there that’s truly like this) this one has a lot to live up to, because it’s created a foundation on keeping people guessing. I don’t know. But it will be missed. I’m in disbelief. But I suppose I’m ready to see what they’ve wanted to show us since the beginning.

To commemorate, here are a few key moments that define the show.

blacksmokelost_pilot_b276lost_numbers2x01-JackLockeHatchquasiadam_monster1Not Penny's Boat301-others-juliet-ben-crash-1 lost-time-travel jacob_and_nemesis
Oh, please don’t upset me…

{All pictures from Google image}

EDIT: I am happy. And sad. But I’m okay with that.

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