I wish…

  • I could eat a plateful of Chinese buffet green beans everyday. So delicious!
  • my hair would grow long (and thick) as quick as possible.
  • I wasn’t a jealous person and accepted myself for who I am, instead of comparing myself to other people and focusing on all the flaws.
  • things could’ve been different and I could be friends with some people that I could probably never be now.
  • I had the balls to just go ahead and do things I’ve been contemplating or just nearly doing for over a year now.
  • I had more interesting things to blog about.

My weekly Wednesday plans fell through and, needless to say, I am pretty bummed. I’m currently chillin’ on my bed in my comfy pants and contemplating what to do with all this new found free time. To top it off, the weather is so dreary and gray. I need my sun, my Vitamin D. I need warm breezes. Blue skies. Where are they? At least I have an activity-packed few days to look forward to starting tomorrow. And hopefully the weather will pick up.

By the way, it’s my birthday in exactly one week! I don’t usually make a fuss or yammer on and on about it. I don’t expect presents. Just some quality time with friends and family, a good meal, and maybe a pleasant day over all. Oh, and some chocolate cheesecake? I guess that’ll make aging a little better…

bl {A double exposure Holga photo from my trip to LBI last year. Oh how I wish I were laying on the beach with my book right now. And I wish things hadn’t changed so much since then…}

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