Scrapbooking On the Side: Instagram Album

As you know, I love me some Project Life. My passion for all things Becky Higgins, Project Life, or
embellishment-related (like a Studio Calico membership…more on that later) is at an all-time high.
It feels like forever since I’ve worked on my album, but May ends in just a few days, which means my pictures are prepped for printing and I’m excited to finally utilize some of my Instagram-friendly pocket pages this month.

And speaking of Instagram, Brad got me this great We R Memory Keepers Instagram album and pocket pages for my birthday and I finally got around to making my book! The inspiration is 100%% from TracyXO at The Single Girl’s Scrapbook. If you’re not reading her blog, hop to it! Her layouts (and her scrapbooking motivation) are inspiring!
A while back, she made an album focused on the IG hashtag #fromwhereIstand. I loved the idea, so much so that I began to lust after the album and wanted to make one of my own. I was ready to even go through and find any of my feet photos…but then I realized that my most used hashtag has got to be #NOTD (nails of the day). Those who know me know how much I love nail art, and I loved going through my IG feed and finding my favorite nail art.


These mini albums are adorable. When I picked mine out, I got it in one of those bundles on Amazon (where you save money by purchasing related items, in this case the photo pockets to match). There are various colors.


What I did/used:
We R Memory Keepers Instagram album
1 pack of 4x4 photo pages
1 pack of 2x2 photo pages
We R Memory Keepers IG card set in Indian Summer
4x4 photos (printed off of the Walgreens app straight from Instagram)
2x2 photos (printed via grids on PostalPix app straight from iPhone)
Fiskers Paper Cutter to separate the 2x2 photos

This project just took about 2 hours to do. Unlike my Project Life layouts, this is more photo heavy, with less journaling and even embellishments. For the first time ever, I wrote on the actual picture, something I’ve seen done multiple times but was always a little scared to do. I think this was the best way to try it.


I love the idea of doing this and having a little book that documents my nail art. This month has been pretty low-key in terms of my nails. I spent over a week with naked nails and, in fact, they are actually naked now. I truly love nail art and nail polish, but sometimes the inspiration isn’t there or my nails just need to breathe. As I get older, I know that other things will become priority over nails and so it will be nice to have something to look back on, as nail art has undoubtedly been a definitive part of my life for the last few years. Life is truly about the little things.


If you’re interested in making one of these albums, I recommended taking a look at your Instagram and seeing what types of photos/hashtags you use the most. Maybe you take photos of different coffees you’ve tried, pet photos, or whatever you love the most! Obviously, it can be random, but it’s fun to have a little book dedicated to what’s most important to you at that moment, even if it’s something seemingly silly!

P.S. While I put the album together, I took some square shots on my phone and turned it into a Flipagram.
You can check it out on my Instagram right here!

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