This Week’s Greatest Hits


So, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo a day early with some of our friends. I had fun…like, a lot of fun.
Sitting on the back porch, drinking fruity beverages, and eating tacos…how can that suck?


Brad and I went for another rejuvenating walk this past Monday…I really want to do this as frequently as possible, but my work schedule and life in general has been crazy all week (and all the time). Anyway, things are finally FINALLY starting to bloom. I’m really trying to keep off the phone, but I kept it with me for this walk strictly for photos. I used this as my #renew entry for Becky’s Photography Challenge…I’m glad I took it and the blossoms always mean renewal to me…renewal of nature and of the seasons in your life.


This dog, Button, is the CUTEST girl ever. Her eyes are Precious Moments – style cute. I could pet her all day.


I enjoyed a little dinner with a former co-worker, Allison. We caught up on my old job’s gossip and just chatting in general. It’s always nice to keep in touch with acquaintances and stay social! Also, I’m freaking obsessed and addicted to Panera’s Greek salad. Add chicken and I’m sold. :)


Two things: I’m a dork who loves to post #selfieswithcoffee but it’s been a while. This is only my 4th iced coffee of Spring so far…it feels like less, so I guess saying 4th isn’t that big a deal but I drink at least one coffee every day and the first time I had iced coffee this year was about a month ago so… I just gotta say, I love iced coffee for the sheer fact that I can chug it. I had about 15 minutes of my lunch hour left and desperately needed a pick me up. It’s so nice to not have to worry about burning my tongue. I know that iced coffees will be more of the norm when the heat picks up, but I can’t deny a hot cup of joe…especially when it’s free and at my house and takes less than 30 seconds to make.


I want to make an effort not only to take and print more 4x4 pictures (I have a whole pack of photo pages dedicated to them, and I haven’t even used one yet for my book), but to play around with the Hipstamatic app. When I first got into photography, I really loved playing with toy cameras because they felt effortlessly cool. Purchasing and developing film can be super expensive, though, and the wait can be killer. That’s why, when I first got my iPhone back in 2010, I immediately downloaded Hipstamatic. I still download all of the paks they release, even the ones that cost money, but I have gone months without opening the app. It’s a shame because you can have SO MUCH FUN with it. And, much like my precious Holga or Diana Mini loves, you can play with multiple exposures. I love this picture above. Cali was enthralled by what was going on outside, so I got to take a picture of her gazing and a photo of what she could see.
It would be great to have more of these unexpected and fun pictures in my Project Life album.

This weekend promises to be busy.
My next day off is Tuesday and when I’m not at work until then, I have plans for all my free time.
Still, things feel good. It’s rough to be busy and tired, but I also feel very active and inspired.
Grumpy? Yes, absolutely. But sometimes that grump pays off.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

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