Rain and Fog


I don’t know what it is, but rainy, foggy, all around “icky” days happen to be my favorite.
That might sound crazy to many of you, I’m sure. And don’t get me wrong, I’m so ready for sundresses and sunshine and swimming. This impending summer feels long overdue considering winter was so bitter.
Still, especially on days I have off (like today), I long for moody, misty days.
Sure, they give me license to spend the entire day in sweats and messy hair and not feel bad about drinking loads of coffee and eating comfort food like grilled cheese. However, these days also inspire me.
The last day like this that I can remember, I talked to myself the whole way home from an early morning shift, clutching a toasted marshmallow cappuccino, ideas flowing out of me like a waterfall. It could’ve been the coffee and lack of sleep, but I had all of these ideas hit me and I was so excited about them. When I finally did make it home, I told my mom everything I came up with and wrote everything down in a notebook so that I wouldn’t forget.
It’s funny, because I took a nap and a lot of the excitement (okay, and caffeine) had worn off…but the ideas remained.


When a rainy day comes, I have to make my own fun…and that means working on projects I have all the equipment for but haven’t sat down to actually execute. The music blasts, the coffee flows, and I’m okay with sitting inside and working. In fact, it’s what I want to do. But the sunshine holds me back a bit. I need to be outside or be where the sun is shining or I get cranky because my work schedule means I spend a lot of my days off alone (which isn’t awful, because you should spend time by yourself and enjoy your own company).


These pictures were taken in January. On that same day, I got all of this done.
So, as much as I adore the beautiful weather we’re enjoying and more that will come, I sure wouldn’t mind a gloomy day.
I have lots of stuff to do!

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