Recent Reads, 12/40: The One and Only


For my 12th book, I read the latest release from one of my favorite authors’, Emily Giffin.
Emily Giffin wrote Something Borrowed, which you’ve probably heard of
(itwas made into a mediocre but enjoyable movie), among others. This is her 7th book.

I have enjoyed every single one of Giffin’s books, but this one was the biggest letdown. I’m sure it’s because I had expectations since she’s consistently entertained me, but wow…it was not good.

Shea Rigsby lives for college football. She attended Walker University in Texas and is the type of person to say “we” when referencing a game. We won. We lost. We’re doing good. So on. The book begins at a funeral. Shea’s best friend Lucy’s mother has just passed away after an illness, and it sets off a chain of events that have her debating what she should be doing with her life. All of this is intermixed with her personal and professional life as she gets a new job as a reporter on the Walker beat (in which she must remain objective, a hard thing to do for her) and dates the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Still, she can’t seem to find happiness as she fights feelings for someone unexpected.

I’m not a football fan…I don’t watch games ever, I have a very vague idea of how it works (VERY VAGUE), and I’ve never been a sports person. So, it had that against it from the start. Shea also managed to be a very unlikeable character throughout the book. Instead of wanting the best for her, caring about her well-being, I felt she was very selfish throughout. I wasn’t rooting against her, but I couldn’t root for her, either. I wrote this post just a few hours after finishing the book and I feel a complete disconnect. It didn’t stick with me. Meanwhile, there are moments from previous Giffin books that I read a few years ago that have stuck with me. I’ve always admired Giffin’s ability to completely suck me into the scenario. Whatever the main character is going through…unrequited love, the temptation or guilt of infidelity, an uncertainty in life…I’ve felt it. She was always that good. I understand maybe wanting to distancing yourself from the formula, but the formula worked for her. So far, this has the lowest rating of any of her books on Goodreads, and I had to give it two stars. It was readable, so I didn’t want to completely bash it, but it left me wanting more. I was waiting for a climax that never really came, or felt anti-climactic.

If you’re an Emily Giffin fan, I know you’re gonna read the book. You have to! Maybe you’ll like it…I just didn’t.
I really hope whatever she works on next is as good as her previous work.

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