Recent Reads, 8/40: Life After Life


You might have noticed that I haven’t written about a “recent read” in a while…that’s because this book took me OVER A FREAKING MONTH to read. I don’t remember the last time a book took me that long (especially without reading something else/giving up) but for some reason, I was dedicated. The official dates of reading this book?
March 21st-May 1st

For a while now, Life After Life by Kate Atkinson has been on my To-Read list. Aside from good reviews, it has an interesting premise. Main character Ursula Todd was born on a snowy night in 1910 and died before she ever really lived. Still, she was saved from the strangulation of the umbilical cord and is alive again. This begins a strange cycle of death and déjà vu throughout her life. When Ursula Todd dies, she lands back at another time in her life, the possibility of changing the course of things and a foggy knowledge of what can be done to stop the worst from happening.

This book features a lot of time-hopping and, because it took me so long to read it (I can blame work or spending so much time with Maria but honestly I found everything more interesting than sitting down and reading this book), I forgot some of the things that happened and got confused. Bah.

This book isn’t bad. Really. There are just some factors that kept me from enjoying it. For starters, it takes place in the early 1900s, and I’m not one for period pieces (you can get mad at me but it’s just never been something I enjoyed), I had a hard time understanding all the very old British terms, and it was just very slow.

Am I a little bummed that this book made me fall 5 books behind my theory? Absolutely.
But now I’m excited to pick up some new books, fluffy stuff for now, to catch up.
I turned on my Kindle for the first time since February and 23 books downloaded…
it’s been that long and I’ve been that crazy with downloading daily deals and special sales.

Now I can go through all of my unread books and have some fun starting something new. Will I catch up enough to successfully finish my book challenge at the end of the year? I don’t know…but we’ll let life do its thing.
Isn’t that more important, anyway?

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