Nail Art Lately…

Time for a round-up of my nail art ventures from April!


Thanks to The Dainty Squid’s awesome nail art, I bought nail stickers last year. I’ve used them, but it’s so rare.
After the intense work on my HIMYM nails, it was time to work on something simple but with some pow!
I used the fun lightening bolt-esque design.
The colors are Julep Shenae, Butter London Fruit Machine, and Sally Hansen’s Butterscotch.


These nails to forrrrrevvvvveeeeerrrrr. Dare I even say, five-ever?
They were inspired by Garance Dore’s collab with Rifle Paper Co.
I love them, and for my first time playing with a checkerboard design (nice going with one with so many danged squares), I’m pretty pleased with them. I even got a comment from Anna Bond on Instagram! #honored


Braided nails are not a new look for me, but this color combo was the perfect spring refresher!
If you want to try this look, it’s super easy. CutePolish has a tutorial!
The colors…Sally Hansen Peach of Cake, Maybelline Color Show in Poolside, and Julep Sienna.


These are my favorite nails of the month and possibly of the entire year. Talk about easy, happy nail art!
I used a base of OPI Man Repeller and layered various jelly (sheer) polishes on top. I overlapped some to create new colors (pink and yellow for orange, etc.) and it reminded me of dyed Easter eggs. The sheer polish and my Seche Vite
top coat made for one of the shiniest manis I’ve had in a while. Wish I had a better picture for you! I’ve really got to break out the Canon when I take my nail pictures. And the natural light, of course.


It was so sad to take off the colorful jelly mani from above, especially since I used only one color for a few days.
I was a little lost for ideas so I figured I’d go with a nice color combo and some polka dots. To spice things up, I flip flopped the colors I used on each hand, so that my right hand was mostly China Glaze Fade Into Hue and the left was mostly Sally Hansen Peach of Cake. I used the same colors for the dots. Fun twist on something simple.


One of the nail blogs I read daily did an easy daisy tutorial, and I have to admit that I was a little disappointed in it.
It’s a nice look, using a dotting tool to create the flowers, but I wanted something that looked more like an actual daisy.
I also wanted to go for a 90s-style daisy print, thus the black background. This was super easy to do, and my favorite thing about floral manicures are that they can’t be goofed up. Flowers come in all shapes and sizes and there are so many ways to do them, you just can’t go wrong!

Right now, my nails are (OMG) naked!
On Monday, I removed the daisy art because it was peeling terribly. It’s been awhile since I’ve given my nails some air (I basically remove polish and immediately paint them every couple of days…can’t be good for them!), and working a shipment shift meant I would probably chip the polish anyway (sure enough I chipped a nail, so that really would’ve sucked). I had every intention of doing them but kept pushing it off. They are looking pretty good, so I think my next manicure might last a little longer…fingers crossed. Don’t forget to take care of your nails, friends!

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