May-ven Box

Okay, so I talk about Julep a lot lately. For Pete’s Sake, I made a video about it (there’s another one video in the works, by the way). 
I showed you what my Sea Salt Mystery Box looked like, but I wanted to share with you guys what the typical monthly box is like.
Enter, the May Maven Box.
This month’s box is inspired by the 1920s…I love it. Jazz, flappers…I mean, you saw my birthday party last year, right?
I think they were definitely inspired by the release of The Great Gatsby (which I can’t wait to see, I’m a big Baz Luhrmann fan!).

Anyway, this what the May Bombshell box looked like.


Even though you know which colors you’ll be getting a week before you receive the box (to ensure that you actually want to get it that month/change it if you like a different Maven box), it’s still a sweet surprise unwrapping the box. Everything is decorated and wrapped in appropriate paper and ribbon and it’s very exciting!


I wasn’t expecting these adorable hair pins! That was a sweet little touch. This is only my second Maven box, and the April box came with a rock candy lollipop. I’m curious if there will always be a cute little treat inside…and in this case, it’s incredibly cute and reusable (whereas a candy can only be enjoyed once, of course).


In the video, I mentioned that every Maven (with the exception of Modern Beauty, which is only beauty products, and It Girl, which is only nail color) receives a full-size beauty product with the nail colors you’re getting. This month, we got these beautiful lip color trios. I got Paris, but my Boho Glam friend Lauren got the New York trio. Each has two sheer colors that go with any and everything and a matte red color that is pretty much the perfect lipstick. Again, this is excellent. Not to mention, the packaging…I die. It’s like an art deco cigarette holder.
Attention to details, people.


My nail colors were Zelda (which is the gorgeous shimmer, I’m wearing it right now and it’s too beautiful to handle) and this amazing dusty purple called Gabrielle. I had to include a picture of the tops of the caps…this is a genius idea. I love these stickers!!


So that’s the box! What’s not to love?
I also did an add on of the color Paris (which I purchased using Jules instead of cash), but unfortunately the add-ons come separately and I have yet to get mine in the mail. At least I have something to look forward to!

Don’t forget to click the Bombshell sticker on the top left if you’re interested in becoming a Maven!
But you can always check out the Julep site if you’d rather not do the referral!

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