Peddler’s Village

I had heard of Peddler’s Village before, but I never thought I’d actually go there. For one, I had no idea where it was. Also, I didn’t know what it was, so why would I want to go? That was until we passed it on our way to the wedding last weekend. Lauren, Brad, and I decided that we would definitely have to check it out on our way back. Even though we rocked crazy, messy, hung-over looks, it was such a beautiful place and I’m really glad I got to walk around, enter adorable little stores, and look at bright, blooming tulips.


Can you believe it’s already Friday? Maybe you guys had a long weekend, but mine went way too fast. Perhaps it was the day off on Monday, or the fact that I didn’t work in my usual office on Tuesday…I don’t know. But this came quickly.
I’m very ready for the weekend, though. It’s going to speed by like the rest of this week, for sure.
Maria, Lauren, and I are off to see Foals in Philly…so excited! They are an excellent band.
I work Saturday morning, but whatever. I have the next 3 off afterwards.

Man, it feels like May is going too fast already!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. eeeep that pigadilly's sign! (and the name pigadilly!) so cute.