A Review: Hooray For May! Julep Mystery Box

Welp, I fell for it again. I ordered this month’s Julep Mystery Box, which I’m assuming is a monthly thing.
This is going to be a problem if it keeps happening.
I’m going to try to stop!


That’s what will get me in trouble.

But for now, here’s a peek at the box I received (which was version 4).

As always, the package was presented with pretty paper and confetti filling.
The blue satchel has one color in it that is already packed and easy to present as a gift.
It has the only dupe in the box…Zelda from my last box.
I’m not sure whether I will give it away or keep it, I’m sort of in love with that color and I’m going through the bottle like crazy.


The two polishes were wrapped together, which I find appropriate. They are very delicate and girly.
The top one is Audrey, the bottom Emmanuelle.


The final three polishes were (top to bottom) Kylie, Vera, and one of the two special brights that was guaranteed to be in the box,
Korin, which is an awesome lime green crème.


I decided to do swatches of each polish. This isn’t the best photo of them, but whatever.

So it seems that this box was just polish. From some of the other boxes I’ve seen, they all seem to be polish-based (unlike last month, which included creams and scrubs and the like). There’s nothing wrong with that. None of the colors particularly shouted to me aside from Korin (and my backup Zelda). But that’s part of the game…and part of the reason I’m probably going to stop doing this for a little while.
The regular monthly boxes and occasional deals on singular polish (as well as the secret store) are enough for me.

I mentioned this last time, but a reminder: You pay one price (24.99) and get $70-200 worth of product.
As a non-maven, 6 polishes would set you back 84 bucks.
As a Maven, about 68 bucks.
The good thing about this is that you’re obviously saving some money to build up a stash,
and the mystery box is open to anyone, not just Mavens. No subscription necessary!

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